Gregorio’s Roast Parties

“From Basting to Tasting”

Pricing Information


Option One (The most popular and least expensive)

We roast the pig at our premises and deliver it about ½ hour before your guests arrive. The pig would be delivered on a carving board that will be beautifully garnished and either you carve it (Simple enough since there are no bones to deal with, all meat) or have one of our chefs carve it for you at an additional $1.00 per guest.

Cost for 70 or more people $12.00 per person

Cost for 50 to 69 people $16.00 per person

Cost for 41 to 49 people $19.00 per person

As you might notice the cost increases, as the pig size ordered gets smaller. The reason for that is simple. The cost of a smaller pig, a piglet, is much greater than a large pig. The labor cost, time to prepare one, is the same for either a small or large pig.

Option Two

We roast the pig on your premises.

Cost for 70 or more people $25.00 per person.

Cost for 50 to 69 people $30.00 per person.

Cost for 40 to 49 people $35.00 per person.

Option Three

Roast it yourself with our equipment.

If you would like to roast your own pig and would like to rent one of our roasters we can rent one to you at a cost of $250.00 with an additional $50 delivery fee for set up and pick up within a 25 miles radius of North Royalton. We have a roaster that does not flare up on you. It was specially designed to eliminate flare-ups, and is not your standard roaster that you can pick up at a rental store.